Foot Problem and Foot Care Products


Chilblains are a common problem of the toes in colder climate. They are not exactly caused by the cold, but more by a too rapid warming after the skin get cold. The chilblain occurs when the blood vessels do not open up as rapidly as they should to supply blood and remove waste products from the skin. The chilblains is an inflammatory reaction to that build up of waste products Even though they are small, the chilblain can be quite painful and is also itchy. They start out as a red colored lesion, then develop into a darker blueish color as they become more chronic. The best treatment for chilblains is prevention, by not letting the feet get cold.

Toning Shoes

The toning shoes were all the rage a few years ago and still continue to be popular. The purpose of the toning shoes is to give the body and extra workout when wearing them. They achieve this by having features on the shoes, such as a rocker bottom that makes the muscles work hard as the shoes are unstable. There is certainly debate if this actually happens or not and if this is beneficial or not and there has been a number of legal settlements as a result of the marketing claims and hype not matching the scientific research. Having said that, many people find them useful and swear by them. Others don’t like them.